A downloadable game

PlayerOne - Accelerate with SMASHING D jump with W and reverse with A

PlayerTwo - Accelerate with SMASHING N jump with H and reverse with V

PlayerOne - Accelerate with SMASHING L jump with I and reverse with J

PlayerOne - Accelerate with SMASHING RightArrow jump with UpArrow  and reverse with ALeftArrow

Instagram @cal.ico_ of the artist and animator of the trucks and flags also map designer.

My Twitter @Sr_Ciruelo programmer, designer and I suppose did artist things like the menu, map and particles but nothing as beatiful as the trucks and flags :3

Don't know why some particles in html  are not working and itch.io doesn't recognize my html build so I highly recommend playing PC build

Install instructions

Right now I'm having troubles with html export so for now download it or download the project here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OQlREL91vLbXHhvTSf1CxcTAX1-2g6iq/view?usp=shari...


DesktopBuild.rar 17 MB

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